Melissa is a quirky, spiritual, spontaneous, and sensitive intellectual. Her personal mission is to provide educational services to the community about quality therapies to the mind and body for holistic wellness.

You might've seen her at Girlfriends! Why Women Need Girlfriends.

Her mission/vision statement is to provide quality therapeutic, holistic, organic, health, wellness, mind and body educational services to the community.

I’m looking forward to continuously developing my character to exemplify the highest version of myself and also help women find their beauty within.It fills my heart with so much joy to organize events with my Girlfriendʻs and spend quality time sharing this journey. Iʻm eager for more women to participate and so excited to watch this blossom into the hearts of many. 
— Melissa

Tarah Long

is the owner of Wide Awakened Healing and is a spiritual, life and health coach. She has experience in Chinese herb medicine and acupuncture.

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